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Karma, a female serial killer, preys upon men who are having incestuous relations with their daughter. She befriends mom, setting up the kill, getting mom convicted and kills two birds with one stone.  She cannot stop her vengeful tyriad without help, so she starts sending Austin Homicide Detective Jennifer Miller notes with clues and begins a deadly game of cat-and-mouse.

Will she stop killing?  Miller works the case and starts to define the murders, one at a time, leading her closer and closer to Karma.  When the realization that Karma is female hits her, the game takes on a new dimension.

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A little girl is being abused by her father.  The repercussion is devastating.  The manipulation, the guilt, the shame, the game ... the game is over when daddy dies.

One of the olderst and richest families in America are graced with a tragedy.
Deluth, MN

Ricardo Dillon Murdered
Monica Dillon convicted



Lancaster, PA

Nathan Jones Murdered
Roberta Jones Convicted
Monticello, AR

Tom DeLa Cruz Murdered
Stephanie Rios DeLa Cruz Convicted
Bakersfield, CA

Ross Thibideuax Murdered
Elaine Stanley Convicted (Wife)



CIncinatti, OH

Evan Gerard Murdered
Julie Gerard on trial

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